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Serwo – About us!

User-oriented & sustainable

We are always developing and improving our solutions for the particular application situation. We are also pleased to alter and individualise our products on customer request. This is how we guarantee everyday usability.

Apropos everyday life: The hot topic of sustainability is already routine for us. Consequently, we set store on recyclable materials, use innovative materials and also offer products in recyclable alternatives.

In addition, we are committed to environmental and climate protection in Germany by planting trees together with PLANT-MY-TREE®. Every tree counts in leaving a world worth living in for the following generations.

National & international

Today, SERWO is among the leading providers worldwide. Our export share is meanwhile over 70%. Our customers include reputable companies on all five continents and international groups.

But we also still have close contact with small and medium-sized companies. We have also retained our urge to develop of the early years. We are therefore constantly improving and expanding our product range.

Serwo history


we began to produce one-way seat covers and paper foot mats for workshops. But the close contact to our customers soon made us realize: demand for high-quality workshop solutions was far greater.

Consequently, we have continuously expanded our core area and our portfolio. Today, we offer a wide automotive product range for vehicle protection, workshop equipment, paintshop, tire trade and workshop organization at our Leverkusen location.

Moreover, since 1992 we have been producing packaging for industry and commerce at our Egeln location near Magdeburg. Since 2018, we have been distributing SERWO Packaging in Emmendingen near Freiburg.

Affordable & high quality

Thanks to rational production and lean management, we offer you competitive prices. And that with the shortest delivery times. This is because we constantly have over 8,000 pallets of our standard products in stock. his enables us to ensure the adherence to the supply chains of our customers around the globe.

Our high quality standards are also decisive for our high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Our company is 2009 ISO-certified as a visible sign for their observance.


core competences

Serwo Automotive

You get your hands dirty and let the sparks fly for your customers. With our automotive protective solutions, you always keep everything clean. We offer you made-to-measure protection for all car parts you come into contact with in the workshop: for inside and outside, paint and leather, material and plastics.

To prevent you losing any time, our films and covers can be quickly attached and removed. Free of residues. This allows you to protect the inner and outer values of your customers – and leave everything squeaky clean.

Serwo Packaging

SERWO packaging offers you a complete product range for goods packaging and safekeeping. Our product portfolio ranges from all kinds of films and bags, strapping and adhesive tapes to special industrial solutions.

At our location in Magdeburg, we stock the entire standard product range on over 10,000 m2 warehouse space. his allows us to guarantee short delivery times. We can also print most products according to your wishes or according to your guidelines. Contact us!