Nylon: Stable, elastic and versatile

For products that are well-received thanks to their strong resistance

Regardless of whether you are strumming the strings of a concert guitar or thinking of classic applications such as toothbrushes or fishnet stockings – nylon always sets the tone! As a replacement for silk thread, we entrust many human lives to this extremely tear-resistant plastic fiber, not least in the manufacture of parachutes, climbing ropes and hot air balloons.

Nylon was the first fiber to be manufactured entirely synthetically in 1935 and, thanks to its product properties, it has proven to be an almost indispensable starting material. The chemical manufacturing process is based on polycondensation with the elimination of water. To this end, solids such as adipic acid or hexamethylenediamine are melted from which polyamide fibers, the nylon threads, can be drawn.

Strong thread with many facets

The high-quality polyamide fiber plays an important role in the Serwo product portfolio. Nylon products help, for example, to avoid scratches, soiling and other damage. Our reusable universal protectors protect automobiles during production and in workshops. We have special reusable front guards for cars and trucks on offer.

We also utilize the almost indestructible fibers as seat and steering wheel covers or as center console protectors and much more.

The reason: Nylon threads are characterized above all by their high resistance. They are very dimensionally stable, tear and abrasion resistant and waterproof. In addition, they are flexible and stretchable as well as high-gloss.

Another advantage is that this plastic can be recycled. This also makes it interesting from an ecological point of view. The recycled polyamides are mixed with various additives such as fillers, dyes or reinforcing agents in order to restore or strengthen the positive properties of the polyamide. In this form, the recycled material is often used again for technical components such as seals, coils or screws.

Discover the versatile uses of nylon in the Serwo range.