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Plastics: From a simple molecule to an industrial all-rounder

This is how customer requirements take on plastic forms with us

Due to their unique properties, plastics in their incredible diversity have long become absolutely indispensable as materials for a wide variety of products.

Both in the Serwo Automotive area and for our extensive range of packaging, we use high-quality plastics that must satisfy a wide range of requirements depending on the area of application: In this field, we combine product properties, such as easy malleability and resistance to chemicals, with high elasticity and temperature stability, such as thermal resistance.

Natural basic ingredients such as mineral oil and natural gas are processed using high-tech processes: In these synthesis processes, the molecules – or monomers – are linked to form polymers. In the next step, the polymers are connected to one another like a net.

The resulting PE plastics obtain their special properties by further processing, e.g. in high or low-pressure processes as well as thermal treatments and extrusion etc. – precisely tailored to the subsequent application.


Films and much more at Serwo

The films used at Serwo are manufactured on the basis of granulates and, thanks to specific additives, obtain the special properties our customers want – such as color, antistatic or UV resistance, etc.

At Serwo we differentiate in principle between the following types of film:

  • LDPE (low-density polyethylene): Due to its low density, this film has excellent transparency and is soft, elastic, flexible and stretchable. LDPE films can be unrolled easily and quietly, and are particularly well-suited for products with a shrink function.
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene): The surface of this high-density film appears “naturally transparent” or rather milky, is tougher, stiffer as well as robust and tear-resistant, but in exchange less elastic. We use the slightly crackling HDPE films for classic film bags, for example.
  • LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene): This film has a special quality based on LDPE, but possesses a slightly more milky surface than LDPE. It is extremely resistant and stretchable as well as puncture-proof. When tubular films with high elasticity and tear resistance are needed, this variant is often the best choice.

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