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Benefit from our many years of expertise

In the future, you will know where you can find useful information about Serwo GmbH and our products. We are sharing the expertise that our company holds.

Serwo GmbH is a family-run, medium-sized company that has been successfully established on the market since 1977. Since then, we have built up a diverse range of products. We are active in the automotive as well as in the packaging industry. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, we can claim to be experts here. We pass on to our customers this experience and the knowledge that is part of our products and employees. Both our products and our employees are innovative and are proof of high quality.
You will find useful information about us, our products and other interesting topics such as materials in the following points.
Stop by frequently, because this page is conceived of organically – as our expertise continues to grow, the content here will grow steadily.

Serwo explains

Numbers, data, facts about materials – you too can become an expert!

What is the difference between blown film and cast film? Nylon isn’t just used in tights? How do we use rPET and why is synthetic leather at least as good as real leather? You can find the answers and much more information here.